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A magnetic-bottle time-of-flight (MTOF) photoelectron spectroscopy (PES) apparatus is built up in our lab. Figure shows a photo view of the MTOF-PES apparatus. It consists of a laser vaporization cluster source, an orthogonal acceleration/extraction reflectron time of flight (oaRETOF) mass spectrometer, a mass gate, a momentum decelerator, and a MTOF electron analyzer.


A view of our laboratory. Our lab is equipped with 5 chambers (3 TOFMS and 2 LIF), eight Nd/YAG lasers, an optical parametric oscillator / optical parametric amplifier (OPO/OPA) system for IR output, an ArF excimer laser (193 nm), a tunable femtosecond laser, two VUV laser (118 nm) cells, and an EUV laser (46.9 nm).

The TOFMS chamber is on the right and on the left is an LIF chamber. For the TOFMS, a pulsed valve is inserted into the chamber. The ablation laser and ionization laser enter the chamber perpendicular to the valve axis.

Extreme UV laser (46.9 nm)

Dye laser

OPO/OPA system (5.0 - 0.210 mm)

118 nm cell

Femtosecond system oscillator

Amplifier (inside red box) and wavelength extension (TOPAS) of fs system (0.2 - 2.7 mm, 35 fs at 800 nm, 50 fs at 1.5 mm and 160 fs at 226nm).

Pump-probe optics for 226 nm fs system

ArF excimer laser (193 nm)